with karen french

when: monday 24 march | 7-8.30pm

price: £10 in advance | £13 on the day


Without geometry there would be no time, no space, no possibility of your existence. Not only your physical lives, but also your thoughts, actions and creativity rely on geometry. ‘Sacred geometry and your reality’ is a workshop of rediscovery. It is about remembering the intuitive meaning and purpose of simple shapes and numbers. Once you are reminded it will totally change the way you look at your environment and your place within it.



“Do you realise – you actually shape your destiny – and shapes influence your destiny. If you want to understand how this works, ask karen to give a talk about it or read her excellent book. You may have hated even the mention of geometry at school, but her simple and illustrated explanations will give you a real insight into this fascinating topic.” jo pelle, nsfh

The attentive audience was enthralled by karen’s introduction to the principals of this truly multi-dimensional topic … The energy in the room, by the end of the evening, was well and truly was well and truly charged!” inspired events



about the host:

Mathematician and artist, international author karen l french’s passions are symbolism and sacred geometry. Her latest book, ‘the hidden geometry of life’ is being translated into many languages. It is the second book in ‘ the gateway series’.

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evolve is pleased to be showcasing karen’s art around the centre.