crystal bowl sound healing - embracing winter

embrace winter season & focus on resting, restoring, clearing & protecting.

sound healing

with Gabriele Ess

Gabriele applies the pure tones of crystal sound to balance the physical body with the subtle energy centres. We will use the alchemical energies of the winter season and focus on resting, restoring, clearing and protecting.

We begin with a few physical and sonic exercises. Then you lie down on the mat, gently close your eyes letting go of all external distractions, breathe and find your presence and stillness. Like nature you can let go of the outgrown and make room for the new. You bath in the healing sound and tune into the bio-crystalline blueprint. Reclaim trust in yourself and in living your life with purpose. You may even receive a solution to a particular issue in your life. Listen deeply and become aware of sentient insights, visuals, movements, realisations and glimpses of the new.

Once you experience the pure tones, a transformation has begun. New beginnings will emerge and evolve in time.


  • Gabriele Ess

    Gabriele Ess lives and works in London and travels worldwide. She discovered the beauty of crystal sound healing 19 years ago. She found that it uplifted her energy, reduced stress and helped her manage her demanding roles and enhance her life style in general.

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