walking back home to yourself: the feminine as a way forward

Finding wholeness within ourselves again


with Corinne Blum

Living within a patriarchal paradigm for more than 6,500 years has placed us all primarily in the masculine side of ourselves. This is neither right nor wrong but when we fall out of balance, when we ignore, push away and devalue an entire half of ourselves, we suffer. We become fragmented. We lose touch with our wholeness. Unfortunately, we also live in a culture that tells us that we’re not good enough. That who we are, as we are, isn’t enough. So we find ourselves desperately seeking for some kind of validation, wholeness, peace— yet, we’re looking for these things outside of ourselves whilst judging our inner experience for being less than perfect, less than happy, less than whole beings.

In this talk I want to help steer you back home to yourself by inviting back in the feminine. When we can hold, embody and value both aspects of ourselves (the divine feminine and masculine within us all) then we can begin to gather the severed pieces and find wholeness within ourselves again. We will explore how we can have a different relationship to our fears, anxieties, emotions and thoughts. How we can show up in kind, loving ways that support all of who we are. No right, no wrong, no good, no bad—accepting instead, our entire humanity, knowing that everything is okay when we can hold it in the lap of love, acceptance and care. The feminine is rising in our world, may She rise within you and take your hand, helping you walk back home to wholeness; to your true Self.


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