Women’s Tantra - yoga workshop

Tara: Healing The Deep Feminine

yoga workshop

with Lorraine Taylor

In an age where we are faced with many challenges like climate change, the Amazon burning, war, sexual abuse, many species becoming extinct, power hungry world leaders, it can all be so overwhelming. Due to social media we are now able to see what is happening ALL over the world and not just in the place that we actually live. It’s a lot to take on and can seriously deplete our health and our spirit.

But these times are powerful and are asking for us to come together and remember the ancient wisdom of connection, nurture and nourishment. As we move into autumn, lets choose to fill our lives with authentic sacredness, kindness and compassion.

This workshop will explore the healing aspect of the goddess Tara and how we can bring this compassionate energy into our lives. We will find different ways of opening and softening the heart through a deep and delicious feminine approach to yoga asana, breath, tantra, music and poetry.

We will have time to enquire and investigate all the different layers of who we are so we can really honour not only our physical and energetic bodies but also the mind, emotions and our higher intelligence and intuitive wisdom.

There will also be a chance to share, ask questions, sing together and discover the great healing power of simply coming together as women. A tradition that has been sadly lost, as we remain separated and cut off from each other in our own little boxes and worlds.

This is a workshop on the depths of yoga or union. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or what level of flexibility you have. This class is open to all women, no matter what your colour, culture or background is.

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu


  • Lorraine Taylor

    She specializes in offering an insightful feminine way of practising Yoga bringing forth her love of Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism. She has also dedicated many years to the study of Jnana (Non Duality), Bhakti (Devotion) as well as Traditional Hatha Yoga .

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