the art of connection

Learn the beautiful & deep method that is bridging - a mindful communication practice

relationship workshop

with Cate Mackenzie

Do you feel that it is hard to be in a relationship ? Do you find it difficult to open up and speak your truth? Do you feel that it may be unsafe to really be vulnerable with another person ? Would you like to try a method to help you be able to come into a good alignment ? Do you feel that some new communication tools could help you?

Why not come along and learn the beautiful and deep method that is bridging. Bridging was developed from the work from Harville Hendrix (“Getting the love you want”) and developed into a mindful communication practice by Hedy Schleiffer. Harville discovered that we are unconsciously drawn to people who treat us similarly to our caregivers. Our partners may give us the best or the worst of what we received earlier in life and so relationships can feel very complicated.He developed sentence stems to help people learn how to listen to each other and to understand each other’s worlds. Hedy added the mindful breathing close connection and embodiment that means that each encounter changes the person deeply.


  • Cate MacKenzie

    Cate Mackenzie is a psychosexual therapist, couple counsellor and workshop leader. She is passionate about supporting people to have love in their lives and understand how to do this. S

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