recharge your aura: kundalini yoga to clear & brighten your field

Radiate your authenticity, grace and courage.

kundalini yoga workshop

with Gemma Bliss

When shining at its strongest, our aura beautifully projects into the world our authenticity, grace and courage. Others can sense our presence, our unique energetic imprint. It's this projection that draws to us situations and manifestations that perfectly support our goals and purpose in life. With a strong aura, we're fearless in manifesting our dreams and in owning our authentic self. We're also deeply protected from external toxicities such as diseases and psychic hooks.

In this workshop, we practice kundalini yoga kriyas (movements), mantras and meditations to clear, recharge and brighten our electromagnetic field. We activate the unique wattage of our aura to shine at its strongest as we walk our life's path. Prepare to beam brightly!

Everyone is welcome, from first-timers to seasoned yogis.


  • Gemma Bliss

    Apart of kundalini teacher training, Gemma has completed many training certifications in health and wellness, from Reiki to Theta Healing and Angel therapy to Ayurveda, but her most consistent teacher has been yoga.

  • cancellation policy

    Please note: all our workshops and events have a 14 days prior event cancellation policy. We will not be able to offer any refunds if you cancel within 14 days, but we would accept your family member or friend to attend in your place.

  • buying workshop for a friend

    If you would like to buy a place for this workshop for you and the friend or the loved one, please contact reception on 0207 581 4090