cacao circle for mothers & daughters

An opportunity for mothers and daughters to move into right relationship & communicate with truth

cacao circle

with Kristina Evans

An opportunity for mothers and daughters to move into right relationship and communicate with truth in a safely held space. We will work together using divination, energy cleansing, intention setting, water ceremony, guided journey to illuminate and empower and a sharing circle.

Cacao - The medicine of the Gods to expand your heart, journey deeply and strengthen your clarity. You are warmly invited to join us for this circle which will be a co-created empowering and uplifting experience to create positive energy for your life. We will drink together raw Cacao lovingly hand prepared in Guatemala and grown specifically for meditative use. You will then be guided through meditation, a nurturing sound bath and a medicine drum journey.

Cacao is far more than processed chocolate confectionery. It is a super food and plant medicine; a powerful resource assisting you in releasing that which holds you back. Cacao can also increase lucidity to magnetise more of what you wish to create. Blood flow increases to the brain and body by 30-40%, enhancing intuition, mood and creativity.

Please arrive promptly so you can drink the Cacao. You will then have some contemplation time whilst the Cacao begins to works its magic in your body and energy field. Come with an idea of what you'd like to release, magnetise and receive guidance about. Eat a good breakfast before noon and be well hydrated. Bring a water bottle with you too.

Note: Cacao is very safe however is not compatible with some prescriptive medication, Cacao taken with anti-depressants can lead to headaches. Please check that any pharmaceuticals you are taking do not have contra-indications. Please also check with your doctor if you have a heart condition due to the increase in blood flow. Cacao is perfectly safe during pregnancy too.

Daughters could come to this wonderful ceremony from 12-13 year old...


  • Kristina Evans

    Kristina is the mother of 3 teenagers, aged from 11-19 years old & works with their peers and offer a space where they can still the mind and experiencing being in peace.

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