grounding & nourishing – yin yang gong Autumn Equinox for the Mulhadara Chakra

Reap the benefits of the seeds of intentions planted that have come into fruition & abundance.

autumn equinox yin yang yoga & gong bath

with Samantha Rogers & Patricia Carlotta

The autumn equinox marks a pivotal time where day (light) and night (dark) are of equal length, representing a tipping point. A day of balance, heralding the end of summer and beginning of autumn. It is a time to celebrate our harvest, to reap the benefits of the seeds of intentions planted that have come into fruition and abundance. 

We clear the space (harvest), prepare the soil (the mind) for the next cycle of growth thus clearing space for our creativity, intentions and light (within to shine) as transition to the stillness of winter, for in that space of rest can birth our greater visions to emergence. We will focus on the Mulhadara Chakra (meaning root support), element of which earth (downward flow of movement as we see with the leaves this time of year) and themes of which include nourishment, nurture, foundation, solidity, grounding, security and safety.

It is a natural time of year to pause, reset, recalibrate and turn inward in deep reflection. By honouring the cycles of nature we honour, and are in natural harmony, with the cycles within ourselves; the ebb and flow of life.

During the three hours we will luxuriate, enjoy and expand in a nourishing practice of meditation, yin yang yoga, yoga nidra and healing sounds of gong.


  • Samantha Rogers

    Samantha is a qualified Vinyasa flow and Hatha Yoga teacher. Drawing on 10 years' of practice, Samantha weaves elements of Jivamukti, Kundalini in addition to Yin and Restorative to create an intelligent flow style.

  • Patricia Carlota

    Patricia Carlota is passionate about the sound of the gong and related sound tools. She specialises in the use of high quality gongs

  • An opening meditation

    Seeding our intentions within our subconscious and aligning these with our higher path, dreams and aspirations. This period also calls for quiet reflection and solitude.

  • Yang yoga

    Grounding, nurturing, strengthening flow focussed on the Mulhadhara chakra. Element of the Muladhara Chakra is Earth and so we will connect via asana and pranayama.

  • yin yoga

    Yin – Hip openers to stimulate the Mulhadhara Chakra

  • Yoga Nidra

    Deep, reclining guided meditation. Yoga Nidra is the most efficient and effective form of deep rest and can melt tension on a three fold level – emotional, physical and mental .

  • gong bath

    Enjoying a wonderful and full session of sound healing to end the workshop and anchor the benefits of the yoga and meditation practice.

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