full moon in capricorn kundalini yoga & meditation for self acceptance

Connect you to your heart & fill yourself with a deep respect for the beautiful being that you are

This full moon in Capricorn ceremony is a nourishing soul soothing experience to connect you to your heart and fill you with a deep respect for the beautiful being that you are. In the world today we are constantly being shown people living ‘Fairy Tale’ lives through the constant media streams. We all know deep down that this is a glossy shot of the best part of their existence and is never the full story. However sadly we still can’t help but feel we are somehow not enough in comparison to all the perfection that we are constantly being shown in the media. This ‘compare and despair’ is becoming a sickness in our modern times and affecting our ability to value our personal contributions however grand or small they may be.

This ceremony is designed to help you embrace your ‘perfect imperfections’ and love yourself just the way you are. Self acceptance and self love are the foundation for all esoteric teachings and yet it seems to be the biggest hurdle we face as a society that is collectively waking up to our spiritual destiny.

Join Kwali for a ceremony of kundalini yoga, meditation and sacred sound healing to enrich your soul and fill you with compassion for the most important person in your life ....YOU!


  • Kwali Kumara

    Kwali is a Kundalini Yoga teacher; her nurturing nature blended with experience and dedication is very uplifting and encouraging.