summer solstice celebration with cacao, yin and sound bath

Journey through cacao sharing, yin yoga & sound to open your hearts to the abundance around us and within

summer solstice celebration

with Sandrine Giacobino & Ximena Miranda

The summer solstice marks the first day of summer as well as the longest day of the year. It is a celebration of the sun, of abundance and an honouring of the light within us all. It is a time where we are most outward in the world, when all that we have been incubating in the winter and planting in the spring, comes to fruition. It is a time to shine, to dance, to play and let the lightness of summer carry us in its warmth and generosity of spirit.

Summer, the season of abundance and the element of fire and the place of the heart. Sandrine and Ximena will take you on a journey through cacao sharing and yin yoga to open our hearts to the abundance around us and within. Cacao will help us set our intentions and yin yoga will anchor that intention through a heart meridian practise...The powers of sounds will take us on that deeper inner exploration of ourselves leaving us ready for a time of celebration, play and senses that awaken more in the summers months.


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