celebrating spring equinox with a cacao & crystal ceremony

Celebrating the Spring Equinox with a Cacao and Crystal Ceremony to balance the Yin & Yang within.

Spring Equinox celebration

with Danielle Smyth

Join us in celebrating the Spring Equinox with a Cacao and Crystal Ceremony to balance the Yin and Yang within. Ostara, Spring Equinox is a celebration of rebirth and a time to honour the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. The equal length of day and night brings about a time for balancing and bringing opposing forces into harmony, this is a time to honour our feminine and masculine, yin and yang qualities, our light and dark sides. Celebrating Ostara in ceremony will allow the two to dance together to create a renewed sense of self, to invite growth and new life into being.

We will open our ceremony with the food of the gods - ceremonial grade cacao, to open our hearts. Danielle will guide you in meditation, combined with crystal healing. We will close with a sharing circle and guidance for your home practice.

You are asked to bring a notepad and a small token that represents either the elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, you could bring a favourite crystal, a drawing, or flower, herb or feather - something that is sacred to you that you can anchor and bless in our Spring Equinox ceremony.


  • Danielle Smyth

    Danielle is a Space Holder – an Intuitive Guide and Crystal Healer with a Celtic, Egyptian and Shamanic influence. She bridges the two realms, the seen and the unseen and holds a space for you to heal, transform, empower and celebrate.

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