spring equinox celebration: yoga, meditation & gong vibrations

Greet the spring with yoga, meditation & gong bath

yoga, meditation & gong vibrations

with Jess Horn and Patricia Carlota

The spring equinox marks the balance of night and day, dark and light, the internal and external. It is a transition that celebrates the birth of life, of ideas and creativity. It is the phoenix rising from the ashes; honouring that from death always comes life.

As nature comes to life, so do all the seeds of our dreams and aspirations that we planted in the winter. It is a time to gently wake up as our energy begins to shift more towards the outside world. It is also a time to nurture with care that which is budding from within. As we step into spring, we welcome in more light, rejuvenation, regeneration and a new cycle begins. Spring is youthful and reminds us to play, to delight in the beauty that arises as we and nature unfurl and unfold.

We will start with a flowing yoga practice to open and arrive in the body and prepare for the journey inwards. There will be a guided Meditation to allow space for reflection and introspection and explore what we’d like to plant as seeds for moving forwards into Spring. We will then move into a carefully designed, nurturing Restorative Yoga practice which will be accompanied by a Gong Bath.

We conclude this delightful afternoon with a long Savasana, allowing the cleansing sounds of the gongs to wash over us, and our intentions to settle and take root.


  • Jess Horn

    She is particularly interested in teaching mediation and mindfulness which she feels is so necessary to help deal with the speed of modern day life. Jess skillfully provides a space in her classes where everyone feels comfortable.

  • Patricia Carlota

    Patricia Carlota is passionate about the sound of the gong and related sound tools. She specialises in the use of high quality gongs and has studied with Sheila Whitaker at The College of Sound Healing, Don Conreaux, Tone of Life, and Mehatab Brenton.

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