gong bath with CBD oil

Reach zen with the divine pairing of CBD oil & Gong vibrations...

sound healing

with SueYen Wan

Gong Baths are one of the most soothing, body detoxifying, holistic and rejuvenating vibrational tools and CBD oil facilitates a grounding calming effect. CBD is derived from pure organically grown hemp, does not contain high levels of THC and will not get you high or stoned.

The combination of the Sound Therapy and CBD can bring a whole new level of Zen into your life! These sessions are designed to create a space for reduced anxiety and stresses. To Relax. To Let Go.

The one hour Zen session will start with a short meditation to ‘set intention’. Participants will then lie down and be cocooned in blankets. Crystals and Aromatherapy are used during our journey of balance and self discovery. 

We have allocated a time of 15 minutes and invite and encourage participants to come at the specified time to hear a short informative talk about CBD and the products that we will be using. Our product: The Organic Zen, is of organic, cold pressed and pharmaceutical grade. SueYen will talk about the usage, benefits and difference of CBD products. All participants are then given a choice off selecting to use, either a 5% or 10% strength CBD oil according to their requirements. The workshop price includes a small sample vile, which participants get to take home for further experimentation. The vile is enough for 2-3 separate doses, this is meant as a taster only. At the end of the workshop participants have opportunity to purchase CBD oil at reduced workshop pricing. 

**Participants not wishing to hear the talk, can choose to arrive 10minutes later of the specific time and come straight in for the Gong and meditation CBD Zen experience. 

NB: CBD primarily interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a grouping of millions of cannabinoid receptors found throughout your body. While CBD is a phytocannabinoid or plant-based cannabinoid, your body also naturally produces cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids. Almost every organ of your body, including your skin and digestive tract, contains cannabinoid receptors. The endocannabinoid system has four primary purposes including neuroprotection, stress relief, immune response, and regulating the body’s general state of balance, impacting faculties such as appetite, sleep, mood, and pain. CBD is derived from pure organically grown hemp does not contain high levels of THC and will not get you high or stoned. Hemp-derived CBD is not to be confused with marijuana, which interacts differently within the same system.


  • the benefits of CBD oil

    You can read more https://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/a23099460/cbd-oil-benefits-and-risks/ Please note that CBD oil is used to help achieve a deep relaxation during our gong sessions.

  • cancellation policy

    Please note: all our workshops and events have a 14 days prior event cancellation policy. We will not be able to offer any refunds if you cancel within 14 days, but we would accept your family member or friend to attend in your place.

  • buying workshop for a friend

    If you would like to buy a place for this workshop for you and the friend or the loved one, please contact reception on 0207 581 4090