expand your field & strengthen your heart: kundalini yoga & gong

Join Kwali Kumara for this powerful kundalini yoga kriya and deep meditation practice.

heart space: kundalini yoga, meditation & gong bath

with Kwali Kumara

As we swim deep in the waters of dreamy Pisces it is important to protect our aura from absorbing energies that are not of the highest vibration. Empathy and sensitivity are beautiful qualities that this sign is blessed with, but if we are not careful we can absorb the lower vibrations from those we are holding in our aura. This kriya will work to make your magnetic field strong as steel, so you can preserve and protect your own soul whilst working in the world to help and heal others.

“ This set works on coordination and repair of the nervous system by stimulating the Heart Center. Your normal feelings of happiness, connection, and wellbeing depend on the balance of your individual psycho-electromagnetic field. If it is strong, your muscles obey the message nerves, and the message nerves give good perception to the brain. Proper maintenance of the nerves depends on the basic elements and hormones in the constitution of the blood. This set will balance the blood.” YB

Join Kwali Kumara for this powerful kundalini yoga kriya and deep meditation practice. The session will culminate in a multiple gong relaxation and soothing sacred sound ceremony.


  • Kwali Kumara

    Kwali is a Kundalini Yoga teacher; her nurturing nature blended with experience and dedication is very uplifting and encouraging.

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