the yoga of sex

What can we learn from yoga to enhance our sex lives and how can we support our future generations to have a healthy relationship with sex.


with Sarah Rose Bright

Evolve Wellness are inviting you to this innovative evening with Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach Sarah Rose Bright.

Sarah will begin with a talk covering:

  • How we learn about sex & intimacy and the impact that has on our lives;
  • The limitations of goal orientated sex (‘performance model’). Sarah offers the ‘pleasure model’ of sex - a path for our sexual experiences that cultivates more pleasure, fulfilment and deeper connection. This approach is foundational to her work. 
  • What can yoga teach us which will enhance our sex lives - this includes a suite of practical tools and approaches that will make a real and immediate difference in your sex life, whether solo or partnered.
  • Why the yoga model of learning is central to sex.

She will then facilitate a discussion exploring how we can support the children and young people in our lives. This will include exploring the challenges you are experiencing as parents and care givers and what support you might need to enable our young people to have a positive and healthy relationship with sex and intimacy. From this, Evolve Wellness may develop future events to support you and our young people.

This evening will be of relevance whether you are single or in relationship, whether you are a parent or you have an influence on children in your life such as nieces and nephews.


Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019

18:30 - 20:30

This event runs from 18:30 on Tuesday until 20:30 on Tuesday

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  • Sarah Rose Bright

    Sarah Rose Bright is a Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach, Teacher, Educator and Sexologist who brings over a decade of experience of supporting individuals and couples to reignite or deepen their erotic lives.

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