singing bowl water ceremony & sound bath

Get immersed in sound with this healing meditation

sound healing

with Ximena Miranda

Water is an energy capable of more than we ever imagined. Together we will explore the power of blessing our drinking water through meditation, chanting and sound.

In this ceremony we will charge water in a large Singing Bowl and see how the vibration of sound changes the properties and the taste! The high resonance from the bowl imbues healing energies into the water as purification for the mind, body and soul. 

Water purification allows you to cleanse your auric field of all that is no longer serving you, from karmic blocks to chakra imbalances, from old stories to destructive habits and limiting beliefs. When you are cleansed from all these constructs you have space to blossom into your Higher Self. To make this even more powerful we will seal the energy with a guided meditation accompanied with Om chanting and a sound bath using Tibetan singing bowls and ancient Sounds from Mexico.


  • Ximena Miranda

    Sincea young age Ximena has had the fortune to meditate in different temples and has been mentored by a variety of teachers from all around the globe, becoming deeply exposed to Ancient Indian practices, Buddhism, the sacred traditions of Mexico and Coast Salish.

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