awaken your potential with spiritual choices

Join Tracey to learn how, by making spiritual choices, you can instantly lead a more joyful, happy & successful life.


with Tracey Livingston

“You cannot change your circumstances by making the same choices as yesterday. You must start to think greater than your current reality.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Did you know that CHOICE is your greatest power?

We live in an exciting time. People like you are starting to make choices with an understanding of the Law of Attraction, of spirituality, of karma and of the universal law ‘All Are One’. When people make spiritual choices, such as to forgive, to let go of resentment, or to choose love over fear, they experience more of what they want. Respectively, when people make choices weighed down by fears, doubts, guilt, anger, resentment and other heavy vibrations, they tend to experience more of what they don’t want.

If you’re seeking to better your life, to understand more about your spiritual self and how to make new choices to achieve what matters most to you, then this workshop of exercises, visualizations and meditation is for you. Led by TraceyLiv, a globally recognized certified coach, reiki master, speaker, educator and TV/Film personality who has led this deeply engaging workshop in the UK and USA.

In this workshop you will gain:

  • a deeper understand of your ‘inner building’ and the connection between choice & spiritual evolution,
  • how you can tap into your inner self and spiritual self for truth and guidance,
  • identify what might be ‘weighing you down’ and holding you back from creating a life you love,
  • you’ll leave having filled out exercises that you can use immediately to transform the direction of your life.

    Do you have any of these questions?
  • How can I make powerful choices in my life? 
  • How can I apply the Law of Attraction into my daily practice? 
  • What are ways I can connect to my spiritual/higher self? 
  • How can I become happier and more joyful?


Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019

18:30 - 20:30

This event runs from 18:30 on Wednesday until 20:30 on Wednesday

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  • Tracey Livingston

    With a background in Psychology, Coaching, Reiki/Energywork, Peace & Conflict Resolution, and Diversity & Inclusion, Tracey is highly accomplished in understanding human behavior & motivation, and how to connect our inner guidance with the law of attraction to create personal growth and fulfillment.

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