exploring your ego & soul: awaken your potential with spiritual choices

Learn how to address & balance the needs of your ego & desires of your soul for more joyful, happy & successful life.


with Tracey Livingston

“You cannot change your circumstances by making the same choices as yesterday. You must start to think greater than your current reality.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

Do you often feel like there’s two competing voices in your mind: one asking you to choose safety & security, or possibly money & power, and the other asking you to live your purpose and pursue your unique path? Do you find there’s one voice that’s trying to please others and gain love, while the other voice is screaming for you to be authentic and ‘say what you really need to say’?

Ahh, the voices of the ego and the soul! Both the ego and the soul’s voices are often misunderstood, yet are extremely important, as they govern relatively all of our thoughts, choices, feelings and experiences.

The intention of this course is to give you a space to SEE where your ego and soul are showing up in your business and in your personal life. From there, you will identify how you can align the ego & the soul to create powerful internal and external results.

During the course, you will:

  • learn about the ego and the soul on a deeper level,
  • answer the question: What does you ego want for you [regarding safety, security, love, value, worth, achievement, power, glory, legacy]? and
  • answer the question: What does your soul require of you [regarding your special gifts, service to other souls, living your dreams, and honoring your spirit & higher self]?
  • experience a grounding exercise with a trained Reiki Master practitioner,
  • leave with more clarity, fresh insights and breakthroughs that you can apply to your business and life.

The goal of every course is awareness: what follows is that you experience breakthroughs, release old stories & energy, end old habits, feel fulfilled on a deeper level…the list is endless. The Coaching Meets Spirituality series offers a range of courses and workshops for entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to create OUTER success and INNER peace.


  • Tracey Livingston

    She is a certified coach, energyworker/reiki master, corporate trainer & film producer who is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs & leaders to thrive: at work, at home, & within themselves. She utilises western and eastern modalities...

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