the art of slowing down

This is profoundly deep and healing yoga practice - a slow flowing floor sequence done via spirals and rotations which serves to open up the core interior of our being.

yoga workshop

with Lara Stapleton

In an age of constant acceleration,
nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow.
In an age of constant distraction
nothing is so luxurious as paying attention.
In an age of constant movement
nothing is so urgent as sitting still. ~ by Pico Iyer

In these current times many of us are running through life disconnected to our bodies, minds are dispersed and stress, adrenal fatigue, depression and terminal illness is at an all time high. In the age of the ‘screen' many of us find it hard to even slow down let alone stop altogether and take a moment to pause, listen and feel.

This Satya workshop is an invitation to slow down. Satya involves the foundation of mindfulness. By observing the nuance of sensation and pulsation inside our body and minds from moment to moment we begin to connect to the subtle body. As we slow down there is a capacity to listen internally, observe internal feeling states which prepares the mind and body for deeper states of meditative awareness.

This beautifully deep and nurturing practice is a slow flowing floor sequence where your body is resting on the floor on your back or in prone. Most of the movements are done via spirals and rotations which serves to open up the core interior of our being. Spiralic movements help to propel flow of blood and lymph through the body, for there are no straight lines in the body. By opening up new neurological pathways we can start to move out of rigid patterns of pain, injury and emotional trauma.

It will incorporate some of the principles of Satya which is opening the practice in Savasana so you can ‘empty before you begin’ and allows us to observe ‘what is’. Foundational to the practice is The Pause which is the non-doing and allows for the nervous system to return to its own true form. The movements are intended to be non-force techniques, instead of using one’s will to achieve an opening of the body, this practice teases out opening without force. The practice is done flat to the earth so that one is not lifting up against gravity and we are able to move patterns of resistance, both physical and psychological. The practice of Satya helps to move fatigue out of the body. You will leave feel calm, rested, energised and restored.

All levels, anyone welcome, it is a practice for everyone!


  • Lara Stapleton

    Lara Stapleton is a truly nurturing and attentive Scaravelli Inspired and Hatha Yoga teacher with extensive training and a deep self-practice for over 14 years. This shines through in her teaching as she has a strong intuition on what is going on for each individual in a class.

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