GroundingYin - yoga treatment: the silent beauty of autumn

Relax and rejuvenate with grounding yin and releasing acupressure massage.

yoga workshop

with Minna Ulmanen

Autumn is a time to let go off everything that no longer serves you, a time to get rid of all the things and thoughts that you don`t need anymore. Allow your body and mind to rest, be still and become purified and balanced. Come and join us to this relaxing and renewing workshop. 

GroundingYin®- Yoga Treatment is a restorative combination of Yin Yoga asanas with a manipulation of the energy channels in the body. During the practice, the energy channels – called Meridians – and the acupuncture points are manipulated with a gentle massage and pressure made by the fingers and thumbs. GroundingYin®-Yoga Treatment aims to activate, boost and balance the flow of energy all-around the body. The calming effect of the nervous system is
obtained by the combination of the asanas and energy work.

During the practice, the asanas are held from 5 to 10 minutes and the teacher will treat each student individually one at a time. The asanas nourish the energy supply of the connective tissues and joints, boost metabolism and mobility. Relaxing the muscles enables the connective tissues to release and allow all the toxins, therefore, exit the body effectively. Also metabolism, lymph fluids, blood flow and digestion are activated.

GroundingYin®- Yoga Treatments’ effects last even a day. During that time strong performances should be avoided in order to allow the body to settle and nurture itself naturally. A usual customer feedback is that after the practice the feeling is really good, balanced and relaxed. The sensations on the following day are renewed and energetic.


  • Minna Ulmanen

    Minna has always been interested in helping people to feel healthy and well. She worked at first as a practical nurse for 15 years. She is also a Shiatsu Diploma Therapist and she has taken courses of The Five Element Theory, The Meridian network and acupressure- healing.

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