kriya yoga workshop

Discover the ancient way of yoga practice - kriya yoga - kundalini, reiki, conscious breath work, tapping and affirmations...

The Kriya yoga & chakra energy of the Yoga I AM school is not a one size fits all practice, each person's energy will be taken into account so the class is alive and fluid.

Kriya yoga & chakra energy is deeply healing, helping to dissolve energy blocks in the body mind and spirit simultaneously. It's like a dose of kundalini, reiki, conscious breath work, tapping and affirmations - all in one! This is a 5000 year old tradition which was previously a secret and only recently brought to the west.

This 2 hour workshop you leave you feeling that you have been transported to the foothills of the Himalayas, where the ancient yogic art originated. The benefits of this practice are more than just awakening the kundalini - it increases flexibility, improves stamina, releases stress and gives a glowing youthful appearance and also can assist you to rewire your nervous system, clearing patterns of addicted habits & behavior that no longer serve you. Do not be frightened of the shadows that may surface, we will hold you in the safely of the 5000 year old Himalayan kriya yoga & chakra energy tradition of Mahavatar Babaji.


  • Shakti Anand

    Shakti's yoga training started from when she was born in India though she grew up in the UK. She commenced Yoga training within the Ashram in Kerala of Sivananda 19 years ago, but only out of passion for yoga, whilst continuing her corporate consultancy career in the city of London.

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