(re) connecting to the heart: vinyasa flow yoga workshop accompanied by live music

Connect deeply to our everlasting source of Love, Compassion and Connection: Our Heart.

yoga workshop

with Josephine McGrail & Eb Moonshine

In this nurturing 2,5hrs Tibetan inspired vinyasa workshop we will connect deeply to our everlasting source of Love, Compassion and Connection: Our Heart.

Starting with gentle yet powerful pranayama (ancient breathing techniques) we will discover how to (re)connect back to the very essence of our being which is always Love. From there we will move up through the levels of Earth, Water, Fire and Air slowly unveiling the layers we may have consciously or unconsciously bound around our heart.

On a physical level this means that we will explore asanas that really allows us to breathe deeply into the heart such as bridge, dancer, half moon pose poppy dog, pigeon pose etc.

On a subtle level we will be working with our own individual state of being however that is manifesting itself for you that day: ie you may experience a deep release of energy such as sadness or resentment that you have been holding onto as we journey through the practise. You may have old memories coming up such as images flashing or sensations occurring seemingly out of NOWHERE?!

It is an honour to announce that to guide us musically through the journey beautiful Eb Moonshine Hill will be singing and playing her guitar. Her voice has a subtle, very heartfelt quality which helps bring forth healing and love.

Throughout the workshop you will experience and discover tools you can use in everyday life that keeps you in the flow of love: As you connect back to your heart you will start to communicate with this energy. This means not only living life.This means living your life FULLY from your Heart.

All levels welcome. No experience necessary just an open mind and a yearning to learn more.


  • Josephine McGrail

    Josephine uses the classical tradition of dance mixed with the principles of Yoga in a free flowing way, allowing new shapes to take place, but also accepting and embracing what may be found, in places hidden deep within.

  • Eb Moonshine

    E.B. is a songwriter and producer based in Oxford and London. Since studying a BA(Hons) in Audio Production, she has been spending time researching the very nature of why sound and music are so important to our wellbeing

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