new moon in taurus kundalini yoga & sacred sound ceremony

On this auspicious New Moon join Kwali Kumara in embodying the Taurian qualities in a Venusian kundalini kriya to 'understand your goodness'...

The Taurus new moon brings with it a stable grounded energy. This signs essence is feminine as it's ruler is the planet Venus. Like the great goddess of love Taurus is associated with harmony , beauty and all things sensual and delicious. This fertile Earth sign loves to plant seeds and watch nature work its magic to bring forth life. This sign is always seeking to find the ultimate contentment and peace in every situation as it likes to feel comfortable and cozy in its environment.

Taurus finds luxury in harmonious simple pleasures , friends, family, food and intimacy are high on the list of priorities for these Venusian creatures of love. The totem animal for this sign is the very masculine Bull who offers a perfect yang balance to this signs naturally yin essence.

The bull symbolises strength and power in both its physical and spiritual presence. It likes to work hard so that it can play harder. It's sturdy constitution ensures its batteries rarely run out. Stamina and steadfastness are natural to its robust nature, it's dominating energy makes it a force to be reckoned with.

On this auspicious New Moon join Kwali Kumara in embodying these Taurian qualities in a Venusian kundalini kriya to 'understand your goodness' and then 'build mental clarity and physical strength ' with a powerful meditation sequence to invoke your confident inner bull. The evening will culminate in a sacred sound healing with crystal bowls and gongs to soothe your soul and seal the ceremony into your cells.


  • teacher Kwali Kumara

    Kwali Kumara Aka Hari Bhajan Kaur is a magnetic, uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga and gong meditation teacher.

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