what is a man?

Men's group exploring male identity in the modern world.


with Sebastian Kelly

The breakdown of old certainties – from shifting gender roles to a fragmenting job market – has left many men uncertain of who they are and what they’re for. Issues of identity, value, purpose loom large and many men report feeling lost, fearful or adrift. What is being a man about in these changing times? Sebastian offers a fresh perspective on this question. He will introduce participatory inquiry to help explore the territory together, along with tools and insights to bring men greater meaning and clarity. 

  • A talk of approx. 30 mins addressing the issue of male identity in changing times.

  • Explore the question of what it is to be a man using participatory inquiry exercises

  • Gain new and stimulating perspective on the place, purpose and potentials of manhood in the modern age.

  • Listen and inquire in a safe, convivial, relaxed and supportive environment.

  • Expect a spirited and heartfelt analysis in an evening that is light-hearten and enjoyable but also profound


  • Sebastian Kelly

    Sebastian has led events and groups for men for over 15 years, independently and with Mandorla Menswork.