brazilian bioenergetics

Bodywork to release trauma and tension with Rob Wilson With Rob Wilson, Director of Surrender to the Body.

Artful Badger's Wild Workshop

With Rob Wilson

The Artful Badger presents the sixth Wild workshop - Brazilian Bioenergetics.

What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is a form of body psychotherapy. It works to relax the armours and holding patterns of chronic muscle tensions that often subconsciously stop the flow of energy and life force in the body. Through postures and moving the body combined with deep breathing it helps to release structures held in the body mind, often since childhood, restoring energetic balance and wellbeing to the nervous system. Clients report feeling more grounded, sensitive and present with an increased ability to feel their sexual energy and live life to the fullest.

Brazilian Bioenergetics comes from Namastê Poa and has been developed by Prem Milan over the last 35 years. Its foundation is lowen but it is also mixed with influences from Osho therapy.

What to expect in the workshop

This deep dynamic group process involves dancing, and shaking exercises, and some held postures to open the chest and heart area, all fueled by strong breathwork and  combined with a zen koan to explore the physical and emotional concept of opening the heart.​ The session will be a mixture of your own practice combined with using another as a mirror to deepen your own practice. There maybe emotional expression, laughter, tears, and vocalization can all spontaneously happen as we melt the armor in the body and start to feel what has been running in the background in this safe and held environment.

As there will be dancing and it will get sweaty, please bring a towel, a water bottle and a change of the shirt!

We welcome all levels of fitness. Suitable for 18+

This dynamic and deep group therapeutic class will have a focus on the chest and heart area.

Most people have some blocks in the chest section of the body, as a result of a culture where we are encouraged to hide our feelings and suppress as a societal norm. Not only are there psychological effects but also the chest and the sternum become locked in position and inflexible and our energy doesn’t flow easily our shoulders close inwards and forwards hiding our hearts and we can even feel physical pain in our heart area.

These muscular and fascia holding patterns can be related to issues around our hearts being broken as a child when our need for unconditional love wasn’t met by our parents and society living in a conditional existence. As young children we are free and unafraid of our love energy and expressing it to those in our lives. We opened our hearts easily as our survival depended on it but sadly at some point this is closed down and we are made to repress and hide our feelings of love, joy and freedom. Most people will have also have seen a mirror of this in our adult lives and relationships where the fear stops us trying to open. We are gonna work with this fear and go beyond it.

Through deep breathing, physical exercises and postures we will restore the flow of energy to our heart areas and begin feeling our bodies again. There maybe emotional expression, laughter, tears, and vocalization can all spontaneously happen as we melt the armor in the body and start to feel what has been running in the background.


  • Rob Wilson

    Rob Anuprem Wilson is a heart centered therapist who has been practicing Bioenergetics for 7 years and worked on groups all over the world.

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