divine ridiculous

An opportunity to play with ideas of psychomagic theatre, awareness of spirit, mask, clown, archetype, story, improvisation, ritual and of course FUN!

Artful Badger's Wild Workshop

With Dan Hernandez


During this afternoon workshop we will work intuitively, favouring direct experience over explanations. The workshop will be more like a guided journey or ritual than a class. Over the course of an afternoon we get loose, move, stretch towards a free associating, creative/imaginative, playful open and liminal state in which we will act as a conduit for the crafting of a magical object or spirit - a Mask - with which to dance and undertake our research. The day will culminate in a sharing/ mask jam/party/cabaret of our experiences. 

A mask is a powerful tool with which to dive into archetypal realms and conduct dream work in the waking state. The paradox is that in wearing a mask we liberate our life-force energy from the fetters of our habitual character traits. Through hiding, we reveal something vital and truthful about ourselves. 

We will have the chance to draw on a wide variety of modalities according to the needs of the group and the flow of the work. These could include: clown, mask, Butoh, contact improvisation, music, voice, tarot, psychomagic, healing, art, body and breathwork. 

Anyone is welcome.



  • Dan Hernandez

    Dan’s career spans 15 years as a professional performer and facilitator.

  • About Artful Badger

    Artful Badger are delighted to collaborate with Evolve to present a selection of unique and extraordinary WILD WORKSHOPS to explore and play with the edges of our wild selves in a new and beautiful city setting.

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