tama-do sound harmonisation of the body

Experience the elemental resonance of music on a deep level within your body.


With Tracie Storey

Full Moon Sound Harmonisation

For this event, we will be gathering on the Full Moon in Taurus to connect in for a full moon meditation and inner sound journey. Taurus is an astrological sign which connects us with the throat, the glands and the thyroid. During this session we are encouraged to benefit from the full moon and open up the throat and clear some energies, we will sing mantras and settle down for an inner sound harmonisation.  Harmonisation sessions are a group experience - an exploration with sound, colour and movement. Acoustic sound, overtones & harmonics create an internal resonance which allow you to tune yourself back to your natural balance. 

Tama Do Sound Harmonisation sessions work in harmony with your organs, chakras and subtle energy fields. By tuning with the spiral of nature the work harmonises with the seasons & the stars. This session takes place on new moon.

Working with the Chinese 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood, founding Father of vibrational sound therapy Fabien Maman has developed a system of correspondence between these elements, the meridians, chakras, directions of the stars and various musical notes. When played in harmony the acoustics and harmonics bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into harmony.

During the sessions each person experiences the various elements of vibrational sound using instruments which represent the earth, water, wood, fire and air elements. The combination of the instruments such as the Kalimba, shakers, wood percussion, strings, monochord, faery bells, chimes work on the subtle energy fields of each individual to clear and harmonise with each sound.

Different energies are received and transformed through the various subtle bodies and chakras into a vibratory level that human bodies can store and use. These healing sessions become a dance of chi between the sounds & people’s physical and etheric bodies. The combination of sound and colour work within a gentle force to help balance and tune in a completely non-invasive way.

Points on the benefits of a sound harmonisation:

  • experience the elemental resonance of music on a deep level;

  • a re-balancing of self as well as the harmony of the whole group;

  • come on a journey towards our own inner dimension as we open the colorful flowers within;

  • experience and realise how subtle sound has strong & powerful effects on us.


  • tracie storey

    Tracie has always been connected to the effect of vibration and frequencies on the body.

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