london cacao circle

Setting your inner compass & trajectory for the New Year & the New Decade

cacao ceremony

with Kristina Evans

A powerful and beautiful ritual fuelled by the plant intelligence of Cacao. Our focus will be to work with your intentions in order to let go of the obsolete and become magnetic to that you wish to call in. We will harness the power of the elements of fire* and water to amplify and strength our intentions. Give your heart, mind and spirit a much needed boost at this time of year so that you feel strong, hopeful and inspired to move forward along your path with grace, ease, and joy.

Cacao - the medicine of the Gods to expand your heart, journey deeply and strengthen your clarity. You are warmly invited to join us for this circle which will be a co-created empowering and uplifting experience to create positive energy for your life.

Kristina offers an intimate and sacred ritual with the energies charged by The Seven Directions. The day before the event is devoted to preparing the Cacao with chants, prayer, secret elixirs and heavenly oils. Together we will sit in circle honing our intentions with amplified heart energy. In this space you have high potential of heart opening, expansion of your spirit and creating crystalline clear vision of what you bring into being. The gathering will be charged with the combined elements of: cacao intelligence, shamanic visualisation, sound bath, water blessing and medicine drum journey and more are offered to you with love.

Cacao is far more than processed chocolate confectionery. It is a super food and plant medicine; a powerful resource assisting you in releasing that which holds you back. Cacao can also increase lucidity to magnetise more of what you wish to create. Blood flow increases to the brain and body by 30-40%, enhancing intuition, mood and creativity. Come with an idea of what you'd like to release, magnetise and receive guidance about . Eat a good breakfast before noon and be well hydrated. Bring a water bottle with you too.

Note: Cacao is very safe however is not compatible with some prescriptive medication, Cacao taken with anti-depressants can lead to headaches. Please check that any pharmaceuticals you are taking do not have contra-indications. Please also check with your doctor if you have a heart condition due to the increase in blood flow. Cacao is perfectly safe during pregnancy too.


  • kristina evans

    Meditation, Sound healing and Cacao lover.

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