new moon guided meditation

Guided journey and sound bath to realise your vision

moon event

with Kristina Evans

A call out to all who would like more focus, strong intention and the impetus to make it happen; we are holding these monthly energy work sessions for you. These are timed to coincide with the most auspicious time of the month to create and make manifest. New Moon is the beginning and end of cycle, an opportune and auspicious time to gain clarity and create new possibility.

We offer you a clear and empowered space to journey inwards, aligning your inner resonance with what you want to create. When the mind is still and the heart is open, you have the potential for alchemy to occur and for you to create gold in your life. Working with the elements of breath, sound and visualisation, your awareness can travel to the quiet and infinite space within, the space where you are able to do the inner work allowing your outer reality to shift to a more empowered path.

Sound vibration from the crystal singing bowls weave another element of energy to the mix resulting in an expanded and heightened state of being, enhancing your ability to gain inner clarity and determination.


  • kristina evans

    Kristina has been teaching meditation for more than 20 years.

  • cancellation policy

    Please note: all our workshops and events have a 14 days prior event cancellation policy. We will not be able to offer any refunds if you cancel within 14 days, but we would accept your family member or friend to attend in your place.