All About Jade Eggs

A fresh approach to nurturing your body, your sex and sexuality.


with Sarah Rose Bright

Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach Sarah Rose Bright is returning to Evolve Wellness to share her knowledge and experience of jade eggs.

The jade egg is an ancient Taoist practice for women to awaken, activate and empower their sexual self, cultivate their sexual essence, sensuality, power and well being. When you consciously connect to your sexual essence and energy, you tap into your life force, and you begin to feel more alive, inspired and creative.

The egg is inserted into your vagina and you practice a series of exercises – sometimes called ‘yoga for your vagina’ or ‘yoni yoga’ (yoni being the Sanskrit word for vagina). You may have heard of jade eggs and wonder what they are all about or you already possess a jade egg (possibly lost somewhere in your home and never used!) and you want to know more about them. Or you might be already using the jade egg and curious to learn more. Whether you’re a convert or curious this evening is for you.

We will explore:

The history and benefits of the jade egg.
Taoist philosophy on sexual energy, health and vitality.
The myths and the truths about the power and potential of our vulvas and vaginas.
How to connect to and cultivate our sexual energy.
The importance of breast massage.
Why the health of your pelvic floor is so important and what to do to look after the health of your pelvic floor.
There is the opportunity for Q&A

You will leave with:

A fresh approach to nurturing your body, your sex and sexuality.
Tips on how to get started with the jade egg.
Simple and powerful practices to support you to connect with yourself daily.
And be inspired to look after your pelvic floor and to cultivate a relationship with your vulva, vagina and your sexual energy.

Whether this area of your life feels challenging or a source of joy, Sarah creates a safe and nourishing space to explore and demystify sensitive topics with humour, inspiration and passion. For you whether single or in relationship and all sexual orientations.

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2020

18:30 - 20:30

This event runs from 18:30 until 20:30

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  • Sarah Rose Bright

    Sarah Rose Bright is a leading certified Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach empowering women and couples to discover and express their true sexual nature.