A renewed concept of self - Kundalini & gong ceremony

Drink in new prana energy & refresh your whole being

heart space: kundalini yoga, meditation & gong bath

with Kwali Kumara

With the sun in the sign of Pisces it offers us the chance to dive deep into our emotional waters and surface for fresh air feeling cleansed and purified. This lunar energy encourages us to drink in new prana and refresh our whole being with a new concept of self. Immerse yourself in a fluid kundalini set & meditation to embrace the water element and free stagnant energy under this powerful lunar light. Join Kwali Kumara and swim your way into a new headspace of positivity and self-acceptance. This session will culminate in a triple Gong, sacred sound ceremony to drench every cell of your being in healing sonic waves.

Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

18:30 - 20:30

This event runs from 18:30 until 20:30

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  • Kwali Kumara

    Kwali is a Kundalini Yoga teacher; her nurturing nature blended with experience and dedication is very uplifting and encouraging.

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