chakra yoga: from grounding to transcendence

7-week online training with Katrina Repka

chakra yoga - 7 week online course

with Katrina Repka

This brand new 7-week online course delivered by Katrina Repka explores the Energetics of Body, Mind and Spirit in relation to Chakra Yoga.

Are you interested in what happens in the body, mind and spirit in yoga and meditation practice? Do you want to learn more about energy, how energy can be moved, altered and expanded in order to live a fuller life? Do you want to learn more about how our bodily anatomy and physiology is affected by energy and the other way around? And would you like to bring this into your own practice or class teaching? 

Then this comprehensive 7-week online training is for you. Dive deeper into the chakra system and learn how it correlates to anatomy, bioenergy and physiology with expert guidance, lectures and teaching from ISHTA master teacher Katrina Repka. In yoga we work with energy. The energy of the body, mind, and spirit. Often you hear teachers touch on the deeper layers of yoga philosophy; in this online course we will cover the chakra system from a well-rounded perspective, looking at asana, pranayama, mantras, and meditation, and the philosophy and methodology they are embedded in.

The course is both practical and theoretical – meaning you will be spending time on the mat investigating, opening, strengthening, lengthening, trying, and testing. You will also be learning through visual lectures and audio meditations, as well as post-module quizzes to consolidate your learning. This unique combination of learning techniques will provide you with a much deeper understanding of what the chakras are and how they correlate to anatomy, bioenergy and physiology. It will give you many tools to take your yoga practice further as a dedicated student, and provide richer class plans as a teacher.

Through lectures, images and interactive elements, students will be invited to explore their own journey of learning on a week-by-week basis. You can study at a level and depth suitable to you – preliminary and additional reading material is available. You will receive links to each week’s video lectures and supporting materials each Monday, and can listen to those lectures whenever and as often as you wish. To help assimilate and reflect on the information learned each week, there will be a short quiz and weekly reflection topic, as well as an active discussion forum. Students will have 1 week to complete the requirements for each module before being able to move on to the next module as a way to ensure that the whole group begins and ends the training at the same time.

Normally priced at £395, Evolve students get an exclusive 30% discount using the code EVOLVE30 at checkout.

Running from 1st October for 7 weeks

Normally priced at £395, Evolve students get an exclusive 30% discount - please email the code EVOLVE30 to get your discount.

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  • Modules (including a 60 minute class on each of the following):

    1: Grounding 2: Flow 3: Awakening 4: Understanding 5: Vibration 6: Integration 7: Transcendence

  • content of the course

    • Chakra Theory and Philosophy • Ayurveda • Anatomy • Physiology • Energetics – The Subtle Body • Tantra theory and philosophy • Guided asana, pranayama and meditation • Chakra Psychology • Mantras and Yantras

  • Certification

    You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion following the successful completion of all quizzes.