4 week yoga sutras meditation course

Gain mastery over thought for a happier and fuller life.

meditation course

with Komal Dadlani

A 4 -week meditation course based on the text written by Patanjali Maharishi, the “Raja Yoga Sutras”

This course does not require previous experience with meditation but is especially appealing if you have taken previous introductory courses in any discipline. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are a meticulous analysis on the constructs of the mind with invaluable insights on how to gain mastery over thought for a happier and fuller life.

Every sutra is an aphorism with powerful instructions inspired by Patanjali’s intensive meditation practice. It is a relic of the Raja Yoga tradition or the “Royal Path of Mind Control” with precise guidance on how to transcend disruptive thought patterns and realise yourself beyond pain, stress, regret and emotional discomfort.

It is an excellent companion to those who wish to make meditation a part of their daily life and complementary to all meditation traditions.

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