4 week guided meditation course

The course will guide you to experience the peace within and teach you tools to bring back home for you own continuous practice.


with Komal Dadlani

A four week introduction to meditation suitable for complete beginners and those in need of a refresher. In this small and intimate setting, you will learn to meditate and have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions that arise.

In this course you will learn:

why is meditation good for me?
what is the difference between concentration, mindfulness and meditation?
what can I do to prepare myself for an “easier” practice?
how should I breathe while meditating?
when, where and how long should I meditate for?
how do I stop myself from being distracted?
creating an environment conducive to meditation
increasing your power of concentration
how to establish your own home-practice

Sessions will involve:

15 minutes of exercises to fine tune your concentration
25 minutes of Guided Meditation
20 minutes of theoretical discussion and questions

Tuesdays | 6.15 - 7.15pm

Upcoming 4-week meditation course:

27th Nov - 18th Dec

  • Week 1 - why is meditation good for me?

    The Autonomic Nervous System: Homeostasis; What is the difference between Concentration, Meditation and Mindfulness? How to breathe and sit while meditating? How long to meditate for and where? Homework: instructions for daily practice.

  • Week 2 - addressing distractions and physical discomfort

    What should I do if I am constantly distracted? How to address thoughts of “worrying” and “fantasizing”? Regaining Attentional Focus. How to manage an uncomfortable sitting position: alternatives and helpful yoga-asanas? Tips for an Easier Meditation Practice

  • Week 3 - breathing as a tool for meditation

    Breath as a tool to regulate the autonomic nervous system. How to breathe correctly? Exercises to correct erratic breathing patterns (pranayama). Breathing for emotional and mental balance.

  • Week 4 - establishing a firm home practice

    Guidelines for Home Practice. Yoga-asana and Pranayama review. Q&A

  • Komal Dadlani

    Komal’s classes draw upon the use of asanas, pranayama, concentration exercises, mantras and mindfulness with the intention of reducing mental scattering and promoting the relaxation of the nervous system.

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