4 week guided meditation course

The course will guide you to experience the peace within and teach you tools to bring back home for you own continuous practice.

meditation course - 4 weeks

with Sophie Nevill

A four - week introduction to meditation suitable for complete beginners and those in need of a refresher.

After teaching meditation for over 9 years, Sophie strongly believes that no-one can be ‘bad at meditation’ and that there is no ‘one size fits all’…people simply need to find the meditation that is right for them. Subsequently Sophie will guide you through various types of meditation throughout the 4 weeks so that people can find one that suits them. Throughout this time Sophie will also help guide towards the ever-present stillness, silence and peace beyond the mind and give practical ways people can integrate this practise into their every day life.

The format of the classes will run as follows: 15 minutes - Introduction to the meditation / 25 minutes guided meditation / 20 minutes for theoretical discussion and questions.

Tuesdays | 6.15 - 7.15pm

Upcoming 4-week meditation course:

24th Sept - 15th Oct

  • week 1 - using the breath in meditation.

  • week 2 - using the body in meditation.

  • week 3 - using visualisation and the chakras in meditation.

  • week 4 - How to find the Stillness within and how to establish a firm practise moving forward.

  • cancellation policy

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