• Why

    We believe thriving organisations begin with individual well-being. We bring the best physical, mental and emotional practices and experts to your organisation to inspire fulfilment and enhance productivity. We measure progress through business results, unfolding of potential in human lives, and the growth of collective capability.

  • What

    Through our shared expertise, we have developed a proven and measurable model that systematically addresses needs using our 5 part framework: 

    • Mind
    • Body
    • Emotions
    • Environment
    • Culture

    A well-being strategy, developed specifically for your company’s bespoke needs, will be implemented by our unrivalled network of experts, each of whom is tried and tested. Expect higher levels of energy, productivity and fulfilment to your organisation.

  • The benefits to your organisation

    Improved Business Results and ROI:

    • Reduce absenteeism, staff turnover and recruitment costs
    • Increase in productivity and efficiency

    Unfolding of potential in human lives:

    • Increase creativity and innovation
    • Improve communication and collaboration skills
    • Reduce stress so employees can think more clearly and make better decisions

    Collective capability:

    • Build a sense of community within the workplace
    • Strengthen people physically and emotionally so they are better able to flourish in high performing, demanding environments


  • How

    We take a systemic approach using our proprietary 5 part framework - mind, body, emotions, environment and culture - incorporating our scientific evidence-based well-being practices. 

    Our experience has shown that the most effective way to create ongoing positive change is by educating, experiencing and creating the conditions to sustain these practices over the long term.

  • How we work together

    We begin with an exploratory meeting to understand your business, the wider context and the areas in which we could most help your people and your bottom line thrive. 

    Following an agreement to collaborate we outline a bespoke programme in the form of a detailed report suggesting key deliverables, how we partner with you to implement the programme and measure it. 

    After we present our findings and recommendations you are invited to continue working with us to access our network of experts and ongoing counsel on how to achieve a flourishing culture.

  • Who

    Adrian Kowal believes workplace culture and well-being contributes as much to enhance the business as it’s employees. Over the past 12 years he has established himself as a serial entrepreneur running businesses as varied as hedge funds, a large scale yoga and well-being studio and lots in between. This experience has shown him first hand that when an organisation focuses on the development of their staff the culture enables it to come up with original and effective means to meet its most vexing challenges and capitalise on its most promising opportunities. Adrian sees himself as an accomplished incubator of capability when designing and implementing bespoke well-being and culture initiatives with the organisations that are ripe for both development to their bottom line and of their people.

  • Who

    Ilma Stankeviciute stands for an integrated and balanced life based on authenticity, well-being and flow. She strives to inspire and enable others to experience and create moments of flow in their lives which would contribute to their personal well-being and well-being of the planet. She brings her project management skills gained across different sectors and different continents; as well as the vigour of action research enabling the team and the clients to learn through doing and applying. Ilma is currently doing her action research based MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility at Ashridge Business School, in addition to training to become a Yoga Teacher as well as practicing the Fujian White Crane Kung Fu.

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