• Every Breath You Take

    The Healing Power of Breathwork.

    8 April 2019

  • Yoga in Healthcare Conference

    The Yoga in Healthcare Conference was the first ever conference focused on bringing yoga into UK’s mainstream health care system.

    15 March 2019

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    Everybody's talking about CBD oil! Come on in and find out why...

    7 February 2019

  • Vive La Résolution

    8 Great Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

    8 January 2019

  • Going, Going, Gong!

    If you’ve never had a gong bath before you could be missing out. This form of sound therapy is said to relax the body and mind, alleviate stress, pain and anxiety, clear emotional blockages and improve sleep.

    12 December 2018

  • Planned Obsolescence

    The Environmentally Unfriendly Rise of Planned Obsolescence and 9 Ways To Fight Against It.

    24 October 2018

  • Sun, Sea and Sunscreen

    If choosing a sunscreen formulation is leaving you feeling hot and bothered look no further than our handy sun protection guide.

    18 July 2018

  • Yes You Can!                                             -  Maintain A Regular Yoga and Meditation Practice.

    Do you love yoga and meditation but struggle to attend classes weekly or develop a home practice? Well this article is just for you.

    30 May 2018

  • 6 Tips To Help You Achieve A Clutter Free Home

    Leap into Spring with these 6 home-organising tips from health and wellness writer Susie Vandi.

    22 April 2018