Our vision is to create an evolutionary planet where each individual matters.


1- We believe that life is meant to be lived in its full potential, which requires an awareness, an appreciation and a relationship with the planet and the people, animals and plants on it.


2- We believe in living outside of the box. That possibility is endless and opportunity is bountiful.


3- We believe in growth and evolution not in the pursuit to become better selves but to become our true selves simply by surrendering, trusting and accepting who we are-just as we are.


4- We believe that the meaning of life is in the question itself. Asking questions, through curiosity and excitement and allowing that magical childlike essence to guide us through the unknown where synchronicity and flow happens naturally.


5- We believe in living great lives, which is measured not by what we achieve but by how our state of being is within the experience.


6- We believe that by connecting with others, with nature and with ourselves we can find peace, happiness and a life of fulfilment.


7- We believe in truth and kind communication.


8- We believe in Being and that out of being is where our dreams manifest.


9- We believe in community and the support of like-minded individuals who inspire one another to evolve.


10- We believe in laughter and play and having grand adventures-both in our inner world and outer world.


11-We believe that life doesn’t have to be hard work but that the work you put into it is what enlivens you.


12- We believe that the more we can learn from one another, through our differences and similarities alike, the greater the current evolutionary shift will be.


Dare to be big, love to be you and become inspired to live an evolutionary life!



corinne blum + adrian kowal, founders of evolve, centre of evolution