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Our mission is to provide an excellent resource for well-being through yoga, holistic treatments and innovative workshops, courses and talks. We care about creating a healthy community where each individual matters as well as the environment we live in.

We are inspired to support you in feeling great about yourself; in feeling happy, healthy, vibrant and balanced, not only on the mat, but in your everyday life.

Whether your practice is focused on fitness, weight loss, reducing stress or general well-being, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Our vision is to create an environment that supports people to live healthy, balanced lives. A centre that nurtures the soul, strengthens the body and inspires the mind.


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evolve founders corinne blum kowal + adrian kowal



corinne blum kowal
evolve founder

I was born in London, come from Swiss heritage and grew up mainly in San Francisco, California. I was a professional ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet. An injury took me away from my career and my focus turned to teaching, choreography, acting and coaching for actors and artists. My spiritual path and practice grew as did my curiosity to travel and see the world over the following decade. I created my own business doing interior design, Feng Shui and organising in 2006. Through my own journey and self-development I tapped into my passion to support and guide individuals in discovering who they truly are. I transitioned into becoming a Life Coach + Mentor around authenticity and relationship (www.corinneblum.com).  I moved to London on a whim after living in New York and Berlin and shortly after met Adrian. The rest as they say is history.


adrian kowal, evolve founder

Born in Boston, USA, with Ukrainian heritage, I grew up in both Germany and England. Entrepreneur, lover of nature and adventurer, I’m passionate about supporting people’s health and well-being. I enjoy running Men’s groups, guiding people to refine their senses in the wilderness, and supporting conscious entrepreneurs with their branding, marketing and business support. My international background has developed my outlook by observation, interaction and cultural influences. My professional experience has included financial analysis for fund management firms, consulting for Children’s charities in Africa and India, setting up a retail trouser business and establishing a media production company which involved writing and producing film, documentaries and music videos.


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