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intimate cacao ceremony

sunday 29th november 2015

the focal point

sunday 6th december 2015

supercharge your intent for 2016

tuesday 8th december 2015

restorative yoga workshop

thursday 10h december 2015

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Welcome to evolve, a centre of evolution located in the heart of South Kensington, London.


With a holistic view, we inspire individuals to feel fully empowered in their lives. We are passionate about creating a healthy work/life balance and supporting people to grow, heal and evolve within a like-minded community.
We offer yoga and pilates classes, holistic treatments, innovative workshops, courses and special events. We warmly welcome you and look forward to seeing you around the centre!


Read about the 12 pillars of evolve


a  yoga-for-all  urban sanctuary including the latest yoga,  treatments and therapies from America.
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